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Luiz Lima

Software Engineer

About Me

Software Engineer with more than 4 years of well-rounded experience with a degree in the field of Software Engineering, extensive knowledge of linux, modern web development techniques and love for Linux, Algorithms and Logic.
Dedicated to working hard, upgrading and updating my skills & knowledge.
Armwrestling and weightlifting athlete, passionate about hard training and bodybuilding, always looking for maximum development in all areas be they physical, mental and spiritual.
Lover of classic horror/fiction/thriller movies and 80's culture.

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Email: luiz@vbll.dev
City: Maringá, Paraná 🇧🇷

Technical Skills


Advanced Linux System Administration and Usage

TSQL/PSQL/SQL, ACID and Relational Database Modeling


NoSQL Database modeling and sysadmin

Algorithms and Advanced Programming

Containerization, Docker, Docker-Compose

Design Patterns, MVC, SPA, API REST and Microservice Architectural

Cyber Security/Pentest




TSQLPSQLVueJSJavaScriptHTML5CSS3jQueryBulmaBootstrapFastAPIFlaskActionScriptDjango Rest FrameworkCI/CDGitPHP5/7MSSQLMongoDBMySQL/mariaDBCrontabJenkinssystemDDockerDocker-ComposeiptablesUFWBSDRHEL DebianNetcatMetasploitPython RustUnix-likeSSHGCP Selenium


What can I do for you?

Back End Web Development

Develop Back End application/service using Python(Django, FastAPI, Flask) or PHP and SQL servers or NoSQL databases(MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra).

Database Modeling, Development, Inplementation and Management

Database Modeling According to ACID Principles Aiming Maximum Performance and Data Security, Administrative Management, Improvement Queries.

Linux/BSD System Administration

Development, implementation and management of UNIX-like systems/servers.


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